About Us

About us:

SRUSTI which literally means “ The Creation” is the  “vehicle of change” created by a group of professionals committed to the development of the under developed region. Using technology to change human lives has been a major thrust at SRUSTI. Making technology user friendly & work for under privileged people has been a major accomplishment at SRUSTI.SRUSTI was born much before its birthdate of 25th October 1995, when the Kalahandi –Bolangir- Koraput (K-B-K) region was going through one of the worst bouts of deprivation. Child sale, Starvation deaths, mass migration, hunger were being discussed in media & governments. So a bunch of professionals, all highly placed in their sphere of work came together to work for the deprieved people of the region. Much of SRUSTI’s earlier work revolves around making people’s voices heard at appropriate level.

Technology was confined to the books when this group started working & we at SRUSTI developed ways & means to use common sense & make simple user friendly tools that helped people fight drudgery & time.

   Vision and Mission:

MISSION: Economic empowerment of the under privileged through sustainable natural resource management & technological initiatives in a participatory way to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, diseases & gender disparities.

 SRUSTI has always focused its work with deprived communities, most of whom are living in inaccessible areas.

 VISION: Empowered community use natural resources for sustainable development in a just society & assert their right to live with dignity.